Wegmans In-Store Advertising

Advertising/Marketing designs to showcase various Wegmans Food Market Products

Angry Orchard Hard Cider Promotional Sign

5ft x 4ft acrylic painting on foam core board used to advertise an Angry Orchard Hard Cider promotion.

Southern Tier Pumking Promotional Sign

5ft x 4ft mixed media on foam core board used as a promotion for a special Imperial Pumking display.

Italian Cheeses

A map of Italy and its regions along with earthy colors gives this Italian Cheese sign its rustic look.


This sign uses powerful imagery to draw the viewer's eye. Its purpose is to communicate to the customer that the cider for sale is fresh, all natural, and gluten free. Acrylic on foam core.

Poland Spring

Signage created for the Poland Spring bottle return. The objective of this display is to emphasize the freshness of this product. The campaign suggests the product is straight from the spring. The waterfall to water drop design illustrates this.

Craft in a Can

This graphic and edgy design is characteristic of craft brew product packaging. Its unique design reflects the unique flavors inside the can.

Mixed media on foam core.

The Mad Elf

Troegs Mad Elf Ale is rightfully named. Its high alcohol content and its crazy blend of sour cherry, black pepper, cinnamon, honey and a hint of vinegar give it its "mad" personality. The aesthetic of this sign showcases this trait. 5ft. x 4ft. acrylic on foam core.

Malvern Seafood Dept.

Nautical themed sign used to signify what section of the store customers were entering.

Wegmans App

Clean and informative design used to showcase the brand new Wegmans phone application.

Meal Solutions

This signage suggests fresh products using cutting board imagery. It was designed for use on a convenience case at the entrance of the store.

Stouts & Porters

This sign mimics the foamy head of a freshly poured glass of beer. It uses very graphic text and dark colors which are representational of stouts and porters.


Bright color and fine details were used to portray the beauty of these popular holiday flowers. Acrylic on foam core.

Giada's Feel Good Food

Signage created to advertise Giada De Laurentiis' presentation at Wegmans promoting her new book, "Giada's Feel Good Food".

Fresh Squeezed Juice

Bright colors, bold text, and powerful imagery give these juice signs their appeal.  Mixed media on foam core.

Belgian Ales

The wistful vibe and imaginative imagery helps capture the essence of old world Belgium and the delicious ale characteristic of its region.

Mixed media on foam core.


Organic Shrimp

This graphic sign uses bright colors, unique background texture, and vectorized imagery give this shrimp sign its pop.